Case Histories

Formax – Angeloni: Special carbon reinforcements for Rickter water-ski

For its production of high-end water-ski hulls, the Thai company RICKTER needed high-quality carbon reinforcements and GPMC successfully supported the company in the search for the right products and suppliers, a small but significant contribution to the construction of amazing hulls which, driven by great athletes like Rick Roy, Pierre Maixent and many others, made…

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Formax – Lamborghini: Aventador RTM

Angeloni & Formax’s reinforcements cooperation and development of a product for «A-Class» surface. Cooperation in designing state-of-the-art carbon reinforcements for the RTM manufacturing of the Aventador structural body.   From Formax’s case history: “Lamborghini’s challenge to FORMAX was to develop a range of balanced materials that would combine drapability, good structural properties, and an innovative…

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Angeloni – Formax – Cobra: fabrics and unidirectionals for the most performance windsurf boards

For many years GPMC collaborated with Cobra researching new reinforcements, fabrics and multiaxials for the production of the best surfboards in the world. Angeloni and Formax are ideal partners in this world, thanks to the creativity and to the innovative spirit that marks these two advanced composites companies. Whit these two partners GPMC followed the…

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