In 2022

Paolo and Luca Grati, together with other partners involved in the composites business, founded RECARBON Srl, an innovative and sustainable solution for industrial re-use of carbon fibres and other advanced materials.

In 2019

CERT’ing certification in “Development of new applications in composite materials“ has been renewed and granted from ACCREDIA according to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024.

In 2017

Paolo Grati received the “National CERT’ing Certification” by the National Agency for the Certification of Competence of Engineers, as expert in “Materials Technologies” with the specialization in “Development of new applications in composite materials“.

ln 2013

Paolo Grati achieves the “Qing” 2nd level of certification by “Collegio dell’Ordine degli ingegneri della provincia di Milano” (Engineer Register of Milan area), in the field of “materials engineering” with specialization in “consultancy on development of new products in composite materials”.

ln June 2006

GP Marketing Consulting was founded with the aim to offering the following services:

  • Contacts with companies active in the development and manufacture of composite materials
  • Contacts with customers in ltaly and other European countries as well as in the Far East.
  • Preparation of business plans and budgets
  • Definition of new sales opportunities as well as launch of new products for new markets.
  • Technical assistance in the production of composites
  • Marketing management
  • Search of Agents/Distributors for the European market
  • Market analysis, mainly focused on carbon reinforcement applications

GP Marketing Consulting is constantly cooperating with several leading European companies,  researching and developing  the most suitable raw materials and reinforcements  that can meet the end-users’ requirements.