Angeloni & Formax’s reinforcements cooperation and development of a product for «A-Class» surface.
Cooperation in designing state-of-the-art carbon reinforcements for the RTM manufacturing of the Aventador structural body.


From Formax’s case history:

Lamborghini’s challenge to FORMAX was to develop a range of balanced materials that would combine drapability, good structural properties, and an innovative method of binding the materials in a preform structure prior to injection. FORMAX’s product engineers worked closely with our carbon specialist Paolo Grati, and Lamborghini’s design team, to define the best fabrics for Lamborghini’s innovative production process. The resulting quadriaxial structures, stitched with FORMAX’s “tacky-stitch” specifically designed for preform applications, were refined many times before the final optimized version was finally chosen by Lamborghini to rein- force the chassis for their brand new carbon supercar. FORMAX is proud to be part of such an exciting and innovative project that proves that with the right fabrics, carbon fibre can be processed at speeds and efficiencies conducive with high volume automotive manufacturing processes.